My Story

PlumHill started simply—in my own kitchen—where necessity led me to experiment with natural oils and essences in my attempts to combat the negative effects of dry skin. In 1999, I moved to a desert climate, resulting in radically dry skin not only for me but also for my two daughters. I started making natural moisturizing body products to counteract the effects of this new climate. The ingredients used in the PlumHill product line today are the same ingredients that I personally used for years, with positive results.

After a few years, I decided I had discovered too great a skin-care secret to keep to myself. I thought, "I can make these products for others, and they can enjoy the same result: soft skin." In 2005, I invited my friends and family from across the country to start using my specially formulated, all natural products. With their rave reviews, PlumHill was born. I started marketing my product to the public at local trade shows, spas, boutiques, and online.

Moving fast forward, my journey has taken us to the Oscar Awards to dazzle celebrities with our products, Hong Kong (Cosmoprof beauty show) the largest in the beauty industry for trade shows. Just to name a couple, we will continue to grow and hope you continue to grow with us.       

I hope you find my PlumHill products as enjoyable and beneficial as I do. PlumHill products are natural and contain no parabens and no animal testing . Our natural skin care line has always centered on three basic steps: cleanse, exfoliate, and most importantly, moisturize! With these three basic steps and PlumHill products, you too can enjoy softer, smoother skin.

Let us help you to get that smooth, silky skin  


My Mission Statement To You                                                                                                

To make the best all natural products with the highest quality ingredients                         

To educate my customers, to have the BEST customer service

To keep things simple,  Your Pure, Simple & Natural Body Care