Sugar Scrubs

About Our Sugar Scrubs

PlumHill's exfoliating natural body scrubs are highly addictive and moisturizing. Our unique sugar scrub enhances circulation, brightens and smooths 

your skin to perfection! This incredible combination of oils and cane sugar is whipped together to provide vitamins, minerals and proteins essential to

maintaining beautiful youthful skin. Ready to see what all the buzz is about? Try our all natural body scrub for yourself! Beware, once you try it there

is no going back!



After cleansing in the shower, scoop a minimal amount into your hand. Using a circular motion, apply to your body, including the bottom of your feet,

elbows, gentle enough to be used on your face once a week, you don't need to scrub hard; the sugar  will do that for you. After scrubbing your whole body, rinse and feel the difference. Can be used every other day but mild enough for everyday usage.

Once you've enjoyed every last grain of scrubbiness, you can reorder in our 32oz size and refill your jar.

Also recommended for men. After shaving, scoop a minimal amount of sugar scrub in your hand, scrub lightly in a circular motion on the shaved area, rinse, no more red bumps, Aww feel the difference, smooth skin.



Pure cane sugar, apricot oil, grape seed oil,vegatable glycerin, vitamin E, kukui oil, virgin coconut oil, premium fragrance oil